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Ab"i*gail, n. Etym: [The proper name used as an appellative.]

Defn: A lady's waiting-maid. Pepys.
Her abigail reported that Mrs. Gutheridge had a set of night curls for sleeping in. Leslie.

---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Abigail - Father (i.e., "leader") of the dance, or "of joy."
(1.) The sister of David, and wife of Jether an Ishmaelite (1 Chronicles 2:16 - 2:17). She was the mother of Amasa (2 Samuel 17:25).
(2.) The wife of the churlish Nabal, who dwelt in the district of Carmel (1 Samuel 25:3). She showed great prudence and delicate management at a critical period of her husband's life. She was "a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance." After Nabal's death she became the wife of David (1 Samuel 25:14-42), and was his companion in all his future fortunes (1 Samuel 27:3; 1 Samuel 30:5; 2 Samuel 2:2). By her David had a son called Chileab (2 Samuel 3:3), elsewhere called Daniel (1 Chronicles 3:1).


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