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A baldacchino, also known as a baldachin, is a canopy of state over an altar.

Bal"da*chin, n. Etym: [LL. baldachinus, baldechinus, a canopy of rich silk carried over the host; fr. Bagdad, It. Baldacco, a city in Turkish Asia from whence these rich silks came: cf. It. baldacchino. Cf. Baudekin.]

1. A rich brocade; baudekin. [Obs.]

2. (Arch.)

Defn: A structure in form of a canopy, sometimes supported by columns, and sometimes suspended from the roof or projecting from the wall; generally placed over an altar; as, the baldachin in St. Peter's.

3. A portable canopy borne over shrines, etc., in procession. [Written also baldachino, baldaquin, etc.]

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