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Present day Benin was the site of Dahomey, a prominent West African kingdom that rose in the 15th century. The territory became a French Colony in 1872 A.D. and achieved independence on 1 August 1960 A.D., as the Republic of Benin. A succession of military governments ended in 1972 A.D. with the rise to power of Mathieu Kerekou and the establishment of a government based on Marxist-Leninist principles. A move to representative government began in 1989 A.D.. Two years later, free elections ushered in former Prime Minister Nicephore Soglo as president, marking the first successful transfer of power in Africa from a dictatorship to a democracy. French is the official language; Fon and Yoruba are also spoken.

The following prayers are spoken in Benin, yet it is not known what languages they are. (If you know, please email the information to us.)

To miton e’dosexwe’ Nyiko / Our Father / Pater Noster

To miton e’dosexwe’ Nyiko
towe ni nyt numime tegbe.
Nu a nyt mebi xosu.
Le e no nyi sen towe gbon do sexwe le’ nt nyt mo do gbe de.
Na nududu egbe ton mi,
so hwe miton le so ke mi le mi no so ke me e j’ago do mi le gbon le.
Ma lon nu mi yi je awovi sin modudo me o.
Ka hwlen mi gan sin nunyanya me. Axoadi.

We Malia / Hail Mary / Ave Maria

Un dogbe we Malia. Hwi me e ace go lindon na le.
Akluno do kpo xa ton,
bo Jezu vi towe ka nyi ge le bi no.
Malia Mawu
no savo go mi hw ehuto le tame, din
kpodo ku miton hwenu kpan. Axoadi.

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