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Free Public Domain Pictures everyone can use!

You can click on the public domain image thumbnails shown below to get larger versions of these totally free black and white pictures!

Most of these pictures can be used as coloring book pages by parents, teachers, and students to prepare study sheets, lesson plans, games, and other educational materials. Pictures can be of great assistance in helping a child understand a concept. If a child can visualize what they are writing about, they can think of more creative words for a writing exercise. Pictures can help abstract ideas become more tangible. Many times a child is unable to remember how to spell a word unless it is associated with a picture. Enjoy looking through and using these pictures to have fun while learning. You and your child can design pages together to share with your other children, extended family members, friends, and those with whom you would like to share God's Good News. Have fun learning about God and His creation. Spread the Good News!

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