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The chasuble is the large external vestment worn by the priest during the celebration of the Mass. The chasuble can be one of several colors: red, green, purple, white, gold, black, or rose ("pink"). It is typically worn on top of the stole. It is removed before putting on the cope.

Chas"u*ble, n. Etym: [F. chasuble, LL. casubula, cassibula, casula, a hooded garment, covering the person like a little house; cf. It. casupola, casipola, cottage, dim of L. casa cottage.] (Eccl.)

Defn: The outer vestment worn by the priest in saying Mass, consisting, in the Roman Catholic Church, of a broad, flat, back piece, and a narrower front piece, the two connected over the shoulders only. The back has usually a large cross, the front an upright bar or pillar, designed to be emblematical of Christ's sufferings. In the Greek Church the chasuble is a large round mantle. [Written also chasible, and chesible.]

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