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---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary

City of David - When David reduced the fortress of the Jebusites which stood on Mount Zion, he built on the site of it a palace and a city, which he called by his own name (1 Chronicles 11:5), the city of David.

Bethlehem is also so called as being David's native town (Luke 2:4).

David, City of - City of David
(1.) David took from the Jebusites the fortress of Mount Zion. He "dwelt in the fort, and called it the city of David" (1 Chronicles 11:7). This was the name afterwards given to the castle and royal palace on Mount Zion, as distinguished form Jerusalem, opposite the temple mount, with which it was connected by a bridge over the Tyropoeon valley.

(2.) Bethlehem is called the "City of David" (Luke 2:4, Luke 2:11), because it was David's birth-place and early home (1 Samuel 17:12).


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