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In order to properly educate, it is necessary for all involved in the learning process to be able to communicate and interact with one another in a respectful manner. For this reason, it is advised that the curriculum on this site is begun with the unit study on self-improvement. When starting with younger children, learning reading skills is usually the next step. By this point, the children should be able to learn mostly on their own, and they may do unit studies as a family, or individually. In most cases, a family unit study as well as an individual one may be helpful, especially if there are several young children.

This creates a time-friendly, family-friendly, baby-friendly, budget-friendly, less stressful approach to learning. It allows for parents and children to be creative, and accommodates various learning styles, multiple ages, and the special needs of individuals. It enables parents and children with medical issues to educate, and does not require any kind of special education for the parents. It enables the parents to enjoy their children.

This curriculum is about opening doors to new discoveries, not tests and book work. It allows people to see how interconnected God's world is, instead of creating artificial divisions in the learning process.

Success in education depends on how the materials are presented. If they are exciting, intriguing, and relevant, they encourage the child the make learning a life-long adventure, and study becomes almost effortless, enabling the child to excel with little effort.

In contrast, material presented in a negative or stressful manner ("This is too hard for you", "This is a little above your level", "I was always bad at this subject", "You need to learn all this before you can ...", "You need to be ready for the tests at the end of each week", throwing the book at the child, using tests - especially timed tests) overwhelms the student with stress, making it hard for the child to learn, problem-solve, and memorize. Children show what they know by the questions they ask, the signs and cereal boxes they read, the books they read to you, etc.

If a child decides they want to time themselves, let them use it as a self-improvement tool, but never initiate it. The excellent quality of free public domain materials on this website facilitate the easy presentation of many materials by parents, teachers, catechists, and students. We pray that you find joy in learning about God and His creation and go on to effectively solve the problems and challenges of the future.

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