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Earth"quake`, n.

Defn: A shaking, trembling, or concussion of the earth, due to subterranean causes, often accompanied by a rumbling noise. The wave of shock sometimes traverses half a hemisphere, destroying cities and many thousand lives; -- called also earthdin, earthquave, and earthshock.
Earthquake alarm, a bell signal constructed to operate on the theory that a few seconds before the occurrence of an earthquake the magnet temporarily loses its power.

Earth"quake`, a.

Defn: Like, or characteristic of, an earthquake; loud; starling.
The earthquake voice of victory. Byron.

---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Earthquake - Mentioned among the extraordinary phenomena of Palestine (Psalms 18:7; compare Habakkuk 3:6; Nahum 1:5; Isaiah 5:25). The first earthquake in Palestine of which we have any record happened in the reign of Ahab (1 Kings 19:11, 1 Kings 19:12). Another took place in the days of Uzziah, King of Judah (Zechariah 14:5). The most memorable earthquake taking place in New Testament times happened at the Crucifixion of our Lord (Matthew 27:54). An earthquake at Philippi shook the prison in which Paul and Silas were imprisoned (Acts 16:26). It is used figuratively as a token of the presence of the Lord (Judges 5:4; 2 Samuel 22:8; Psalms 77:18; Psalms 97:4; Psalms 104:32).


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