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Category:Freedom Curriculum

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Finding Your Purpose
Recognizing Your Talents
Environmental Awareness
Developing Balance in Life
Organization for Optimization
Mental Acuity

This curriculum is designed to enable parents, children, teachers, and students the freedom to study at their own pace while learning essential skills and lessons that will help them succeed in the technologically-advanced age in which we live.

The learner must feel free to get up and clean, help a sibling or parent, walk the dog, or stop and think through an idea. Flexibility is a key component of this curriculum.

Subjects are not more work to do, but rather, tools for communication, expressing oneself, accomplishing a task, and empowering an individual. For example, pictures, graphs, poems, mathematical formulas and equations, and music are all ways one can express an idea - forms of communication. Numbers can define a geographic location (GPS), a time (clocks, history, current events, future plans), and physical attributes (height, age, quantity). These tools are all used to build an intelligent mind and strong, resilient character.

By integrating the latest discoveries, including information regarding the electromagnetic spectrum, natural health, and ecology, the individual can learn more thoroughly and rapidly. Reading is supplemented with educational activities, educational media, and real-life experience to give the learner a better-rounded education, similar to a degree in integrative studies.

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