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Fur"ni*ture, n. Etym: [F. fourniture. See Furnish, v. t.]

1. That with which anything is furnished or supplied; supplies; outfit; equipment. The form and all the furniture of the earth. Tillotson. The thoughts which make the furniture of their minds. M. Arnold.

2. Articles used for convenience or decoration in a house or apartment, as tables, chairs, bedsteads, sofas, carpets, curtains, pictures, vases, etc.

3. The necessary appendages to anything, as to a machine, a carriage, a ship, etc. (a) (Naut.) The masts and rigging of a ship. (b) (Mil.) The mountings of a gun. (c) Builders' hardware such as locks, door and window trimmings. (d) (Print) Pieces of wood or metal of a lesser height than the type, placed around the pages or other matter in a form, and, with the quoins, serving to secure the form in its place in the chase.

4. (Mus.)

Defn: A mixed or compound stop in an organ; -- sometimes called mixture.


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