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Har"bor, n. [Written also harbour.] Etym: [OE herbor, herberwe, herberge, Icel. herbergi (cf. OHG. heriberga), orig., a shelter for soldiers; herr army + bjarga to save, help, defend; akin to AS. here army, G. heer, OHG. heri, Goth. harjis, and AS. beorgan to save, shelter, defend, G. bergen. See Harry, 2d Bury, and cf. Harbinger.]

1. A station for rest and entertainment; a place of security and comfort; a refuge; a shelter. [A grove] fair harbour that them seems. Spenser. For harbor at a thousand doors they knocked. Dryden.

2. Specif.: A lodging place; an inn. [Obs.] Chaucer.

3. (Astrol.)

Defn: The mansion of a heavenly body. [Obs.]

4. A portion of a sea, a lake, or other large body of water, either landlocked or artificially protected so as to be a place of safety for vessels in stormy weather; a port or haven.

5. (Glass Works)

Defn: A mixing box materials. Harbor dues (Naut.), fees paid for the use of a harbor.

-- Harbor seal (Zoöl.), the common seal.
-- Harbor watch, a watch set when a vessel is in port; an anchor


harbor Har"bor, v. t. [Written also harbour.] [imp. & p. p. Harbored; p. pr. & vb. n. Harboring.] Etym: [OE. herberen, herberwen, herbergen; cf. Icel. herbergja. See Harbor, n.]

Defn: To afford lodging to; to enter as guest; to receive; to give a refuge to; indulge or cherish (a thought or feeling, esp. an ill thought). Any place that harbors men. Shak. The bare suspicion made it treason to harbor the person suspected. Bp. Burnet. Let not your gentle breast harbor one thought of outrage. Rowe.

harbor Har"bor, v. i.

Defn: To lodge, or abide for a time; to take shelter, as in a harbor. For this night let's harbor here in York. Shak.


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