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There are four ways to fold a humeral veil

The humeral veil is a veil worn over the shoulders of the priest when holding the monstrance while in procession or while giving Benediction. It is not worn during Exposition or while reposing the Blessed Sacrament. The cope is always worn underneath. There are four ways to fold the humeral veil; it can be folded so that each side is folded individually like an accordion (with the folds either on top of the center or underneath the center of the humeral veil), or it can be folded by folding both sides simultaneously in an accordion style (after offsetting one side, which can be either the left of the right). In both cases, care is taken to ensure that the humeral veil is not folded directly along the center of the humeral veil at any time, as it can damage the decorations on it if there are any present.


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