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The island - discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1494 A.D. - was settled by the Spanish early in the 16th century. The native Taino Indians, who had inhabited Jamaica for centuries, were gradually exterminated and replaced by African slaves. England seized the island in 1655 A.D. and established a plantation economy based on sugar, cocoa, and coffee. The abolition of slavery in 1834 A.D. freed a quarter million slaves, many of whom became small farmers. Jamaica gradually obtained increasing independence from Britain, and in 1958 A.D. it joined other British Caribbean colonies in forming the Federation of the West Indies. Jamaica gained full independence when it withdrew from the Federation in 1962 A.D.. English and English patois are spoken.

Ja*mai"ca, n.

Defn: One of the West India is islands. Jamaica ginger, a variety of ginger, called also white ginger, prepared in Jamaica from the best roots, which are deprived of their epidermis and dried separately.

-- Jamaica pepper, allspice.
-- Jamaica rose (Bot.), a West Indian melastomaceous shrub (Blakea

trinervis), with showy pink flowers.

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