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Jes"se, n. Etym: [LL.Jesse, the father of David, fr. Gr. Yishai.]

Defn: Any representation or suggestion of the genealogy of Christ, in decorative art; as:
(a) A genealogical tree represented in stained glass.
(b) A candlestick with many branches, each of which bears the name of some one of the descendants of Jesse; -- called also tree of Jesse.
Jesse window (Arch.), a window of which the glazing and tracery represent the tree of Jesse.

---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Jesse - Firm, or a gift,
a son of Obed, the son of Boaz and Ruth (Ruth 4:17, Ruth 4:22; Matthew 1:5, Matthew 1:6; Luke 3:32). He was the father of eight sons, the youngest of whom was David (1 Samuel 17:12). The phrase "stem of Jesse" is used for the family of David (Isaiah 11:1), and "root of Jesse" for the Messiah (Isaiah 11:10; Revelation 5:5). Jesse was a man apparently of wealth and position at Bethlehem (1 Samuel 17:17, 1 Samuel 17:18, 1 Samuel 17:20; Psalms 78:71). The last reference to him is of David's procuring for him an asylum with the king of Moab (1 Samuel 22:3). See table of descendants: Jesse Eliab, Abinadab, Shammah, Nethaneel, Zeruiah Abigail, Raddai, Ozem, a son not named (1 Chronicles 2:15), David. (Compare 1 Samuel 16:7 with 1 Chronicles 2:13) Abishai, Joab, Asahel, and Amasa.

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