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Saint Joseph of Arimathea

Saint Joseph of Arimathea
Honored in: Eastern Orthodox Church, Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Communion, Lutheranism
Feast: March 17 in the West
July 31 in the East
August 1 in the Episcopal Church (US)
Patronage: funeral directors

---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary

A native of Arimathea, known as Joseph of Arimathea, and probably the Ramah of the Old Testament (1 Samuel 1:19), a man of wealth, and a member of the Sanhedrin (Matthew 27:57; Luke 23:50), an "honorable counselor, who waited for the kingdom of God." As soon as he heard the tidings of Christ's death, he "went in boldly" (lit. "having summoned courage, he went") "unto Pilate, and asked for the body of Jesus." Pilate having ascertained from the centurion that the death had really taken place, granted Joseph's request, who immediately, having purchased fine linen (Mark 15:46), proceeded to Golgotha to take the Body down from the Cross. There, assisted by Nicodemus, he took down the Body and wrapped it in the fine linen, sprinkling it with the myrrh and aloes which Nicodemus had brought (John 19:39), and then conveyed the body to the new tomb hewn by Joseph himself out of a rock in his garden nearby. There they laid it, in the presence of Mary Magdalene, Mary (4) the mother of James, and other women, and rolled a great stone to the entrance, and departed (Luke 23:53, Luke 23:55). This was done in haste, "for the Sabbath was drawing on" (compare Isaiah 53:9).

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