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Basutoland was renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho upon independence from the UK in 1966 A.D.. The Basuto National Party ruled for the first two decades. King Moshoeshoe was exiled in 1990 A.D., but returned to Lesotho in 1992 A.D. and was reinstated in 1995 A.D.. Constitutional government was restored in 1993 A.D. after seven years of military rule. In 1998 A.D., violent protests and a military mutiny following a contentious election prompted a brief but bloody intervention by South African and Botswanan military forces under the aegis of the Southern African Development Community. Subsequent constitutional reforms restored relative political stability. Peaceful parliamentary elections were held in 2002 A.D.. Sesotho (southern Sotho), English, Zulu, and Xhosa are spoken.

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