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The luna is a casing for the host while it is in the monstrance. It is mostly composed of glass and has a metal rim with a small handle.

Lu"na, n. Etym: [L.; akin to lucere to shine. See Light, n., and cf. Lune.]

1. The moon.

2. (Alchemy)

Defn: Silver. Luna cornea (Old Chem.), horn silver, or fused silver chloride, a tough, brown, translucent mass; -- so called from its resemblance to horn. Luna moth (Zoöl.), a very large and beautiful American moth (Actias luna). Its wings are delicate light green, with a stripe of purple along the front edge of the anterior wings, the other margins being edged with pale yellow. Each wing has a lunate spot surrounded by rings of light yellow, blue, and black. The caterpillar commonly feeds on the hickory, sassafras, and maple.

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