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Pyr"a*mid, n. Etym: [l. pyramis, -idis, fr. Gr. pyramide.]

1. A solid body standing on a triangular, square, or polygonal base, And terminating in a point at the top; especially, a structure or Edifice of this shape.

2. (geom.)

Defn: a solid figure contained by a plane rectilineal figure as base And several triangles which have a common vertex and whose bases are Sides of the base.

3. pl. (billiards)

Defn: the game of pool in which the balls are placed in the form of a Triangle at spot. [eng.] Altitude of a pyramid (geom.), the Perpendicular distance from the vertex to the plane of the base.

-- axis of a pyramid (geom.), a straight line drawn from the vertex

To the center of the base.

-- earth pyramid. (geol.) See earth pillars, under earth.
-- right pyramid (geom.) a pyramid whose axis is perpendicular to

The base.

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