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Properties of Various Rocks, Minerals, and Metals

Rock / Mineral / Metal Mohs Hardness Crystal Structure Refractive Index Stone Frequency (Hertz) Varieties / Color(s) Specific Gravity Type (mineral, igneous rock, etc.) Fracture Cleavage Streak Other Properties
Diamond 10 2.417 Clear, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Brown, & Black 3.515
Chrysoberyl 8.5 1.745-1.760 (Alexandrite) Green/Bluish-Green to Red/Purplish-Red (Alexandrite), Golden-Green (Cat's-Eye Chrysoberyl) 3.71-3.73 (Alexandrite)
Quartz 7 1.544-1.553, 1.532 - 1.554 (Amethyst, Citrine) Amethyst (Purple), Citrine (Yellow), Green Quartz (Green), Crystal Quartz (Clear), Lemon Quartz (Light Green/Yellow), Smoky Quartz (Medium Smoky Brown), Whisky (Whiskey) Quartz (Pale Brown), Rose Quartz (Pink), Snow Quartz (White), & Blueberry Quartz (Blue), Rich Brown with Gold Banding (Tigereye), 2.65
Beryl 7.5-8 1.577-1.583 (Aquamarine), 1.560-1.602 (Emerald), 1.561 (Synthetic Emerald) Aquamarine (Light Blue), Emerald (Green) 2.72 (Aquamarine), 2.68-2.78 (Emerald)
Pyroxene 5.5-6 (Chrome Diopside), 6.5-7 (Kunzite) 1.675-1.701 (Chrome Diopside), 1.660-1.676 (Kunzite) Chrome Diopside (Deep Green), Kunzite (Pink to Violet) 3.22-3.40 (Chrome Diopside), 3.18 (Kunzite)
Fluorite 4 1.433-1.435 Blue, Green, Yellow, Purple, White, & Reddish-Orange 3.0-3.25
Garnet 7.0-7.5 1.760-1.820 (Almandite), 1.750-1.770 (Rhodolite), 1.71-1.74 (Almandine-Pyrope), 1.72-1.76 (Hessonite and Tsavorite) Deep-Red, Deep Purplish-Red, Reddish-Orange, & Green 4.05 (Almandite), 3.84 (Rhodolite), 3.78 (Almandine-Pyrope), 3.61 (Hessonite and Tsavorite)
Iolite (Dichroite) 7-7.5 1.542-1.551 Violet-Blue 2.61
Kyanite 4.5 (Parallel with long axis of Crystal), 6-7.5 (Perpendicular to long axis of Crystal) 1.716-1.731 Medium Blue 3.68
Opal 5-6.5 1.450, 1.37-1.45 (Mexican Fire) Reddish-Orange (Mexican Fire), Multi-color (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White), Blue/Green (White, Blue, Green), Blue/Green(Blue, Green) red/green (red, green, white), 2.15 (Mexican Fire)
Olivine 6.5-7 (Peridot) 1.654-1.690 (Peridot) Peridot (Yellow to Medium Green) 3.34 (Peridot)
Chorundum (Ruby, Sapphire) 9 1.760-1.770 any color may include a six ray star: Medium to Deep Red (Ruby, all others are called Sapphire), Black, colorless, gray, brown; pink to pigeon-blood-red, orange, yellow, green, blue to cornflower blue, violet; may be color zoned, asteriated mainly gray and brown 3.95-4.10
Zoisite 6-7 (Tanzanite) 1.692-1.700 (Tanzanite) Deep Blue to Violet Blue (Tanzanite) 3.35 (Tanzanite)
Topaz 8 1.609-1.637 Green, Blue, Clear, Brown, Pink, Orange, Yellow 3.53
Tourmaline 7-7.5 1.624-1.644, 1.610-1.650 (Paraiba), 1.567 (Rubelite/Rubellite) Pink, Green, Clear 3.06
Agate 6.5-7 1.544 A Wide Variety of Colors
Shell 3.5 Various Blue/Green Iridescent Hues (Paua), Iridescent Black or White (Mother of Pearl), Orange (Spiny Oyster), Blue with pearlescent Sheen (Blue Paua)
Amber 2-3 1.539 - 1.546 Golden-Yellow, Orange and Brown
Aventurine (Quartz / Mica) 7 Spring Green
Chalcedony 6.5 (Carnelian, Chrysoprase), 6.5-7 (Black Onyx) 1.530, 1.486 (Onyx) Light to Dark Reddish-Brown (Carnelian), Bottle Green (Chrysoprase), Black with Occasional White Bands (Black Onyx)
Coral 3-4 1.486 Salmon-Pink to Deep Red
Hematite 6-6.5 Blackish-Grey with Metallic Luster
Jade 6.5-7 (Jadeite), 6-6.5 (Nephrite) Soft to Medium Mint Green (Jadeite), Dark Olive Green (Nephrite)
Lapis Lazuli 5-6 1.610 Denim-Blue to Royal Blue
Malachite 3.5-4 1.655 Green with Color Banding
Feldspar 6-6.5 (Moonstone) 1.518-1.526 Moonstone (Adularia) Soft Milky-White with Grey/Blue Sheen (White Moonstone), Medium Peach (Peach Moonstone), Light to Medium Blue (Blue Moonstone)
Pyrite 6 Brassy Yellow
Calcite 3.5-4.5 (Rhodochrosite) Dark to Medium Rose Pink with Cream White Banding (Rhodochrosite)
Turquoise 5-6 1.610 Deep Forest Green, Rich Sky Blue, Blue/Green, Yellow/Green
Pearls 2.5-4.5 1.530 White, Black, Ravens wing (dark iradescent), Natural Peach, Muave, Natural Lavender, Light Green, Green, Lavender, Golden, Natural, Natural Pink
Andalusite 1.641
Apatite 5 1.632 - 1.420 Yellow, Blue, Green, and Violet 3.16 - 3.22
Fluoride 1.560
Ivory 1.540
Jasper 1.540
Labradorite 1.560-1.570
Morganite 1.577
Spinel 1.712
Zircon 1.800-1.960
Silver 0.180
Gold 0.470
Copper 1.100
Nickel 1.080
Titanium 2.160
Platinum 2.330

Vernacular (rock)

Chamorro: acho'

Vernacular (stone)

Chamorro: fenso

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