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Feast on August 24

Born: 1st century AD in Iudaea (Palaestina)
Died: 1st century AD in Armenia. Flayed and then crucified
Honored in: Assyrian Church of the East
Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Churches
Oriental Orthodoxy
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Church
Islam (named in Muslim exegesis as one of the disciples)
Major shrine: Saint Bartholomew Monastery in historical Armenia, Relics at Saint Bartholomew-on-the-Tiber Church, Rome, the Canterbury Cathedral, the Cathedral in Frankfurt, and the San Bartolomeo Cathedral in Lipari
Feast: August 24 (Western Christianity)
June 11 (Eastern Christianity)
Attributes: Knife and his flayed skin
Patronage: Armenia; bookbinders; butchers; Florentine cheese and salt merchants; Gambatesa, Italy; Catbalogan, Samar; Għargħur, Malta; leather workers; neurological diseases; plasterers; shoemakers; curriers; tanners; trappers; twitching; whiteners


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