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Sarah is a Biblical figure who was the wife of Abraham, and the mother of Isaac.

Sarah was the wife of Abraham as recorded in the Book of Genesis 11:29. Abraham's name had been Abram and his wife's name was Sarai, but God changed their names to Abraham and Sarah, respectively.

11:29. And Abram and Nachor married wives: the name of Abram's wife was Sarai: and the name of Nachor's wife, Melcha, the daughter of Aran, father of Melcha and father of Jescha.

---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary.

Sarah - Princess, the wife and at the same time the half-sister of Abraham (Genesis 11:29; Genesis 20:12). This name was given to her at the time that it was announced to Abraham that she should be the mother of the promised child. Her story is from her marriage identified with that of the patriarch till the time of her death. Her death, at the age of one hundred and twenty-seven years (the only instance in Scripture where the age of a woman is recorded), was the occasion of Abraham's purchasing the cave of Machpelah as a family burying-place. In the allegory of Galatians 4:22 she is the type of the "Jerusalem which is above." She is also mentioned as Sara in Hebrews 11:11 among the Old Testament worthies, who "all died in faith." (See Abraham.)

Sarai - My princess, the name originally borne by Sarah (Genesis 11:31; Genesis 17:15).


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