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---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Sermon on the Mount - After spending a night in solemn meditation and prayer in the lonely mountain-range to the west of the Lake of Galilee (Luke 6:12), on the following morning our Lord called to Him His disciples, and from among them chose twelve, who were to be henceforth trained to be His apostles (Mark 3:14, Mark 3:15). After this solemn consecration of the twelve, He descended from the mountain-peak to a more level spot (Luke 6:17), and there He sat down and delivered the "sermon on the mount" (Matthew 5-7; Luke 6:20-49) to the assembled multitude. The mountain here spoken of was probably that known by the name of the "Horns of Hattin" (Kurun Hattin), a ridge running east and west, not far from Capernaum. It was afterwards called the "Mount of Beatitudes."

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