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The stole is a vestment worn by priests and deacons during the Mass, the administration of the sacraments, and most liturgical ceremonies. Priests wear the stole draped around the neck and hanging down the front; deacons wear it diagonally over the shoulder. The stole can be one of several colors: red, green, purple, white, gold, black, or rose ("pink"). It is typically worn on top of the alb and underneath the chasuble. If a cope is used, it is worn underneath the cope.

A stole


Defn: imp. of steal.

Stole Stole, n. Etym: [l. stolo, -onis.] (bot.)

Defn: a stolon.

Stole Stole, n. Etym: [as. stole, l. stola, gr. stall. See stall.]

1. A long, loose garment reaching to the feet. Spenser. But when mild morn, in saffron stole, first issues from her eastern Goal. T. Warton.

2. (eccl.)

Defn: a narrow band of silk or stuff, sometimes enriched with Embroidery and jewels, worn on the left shoulder of deacons, and Across both shoulders of bishops and priests, pendent on each side Nearly to the ground. At mass, it is worn crossed on the breast by Priests. It is used in various sacred functions. Groom of the stole, The first lord of the bedchamber in the royal household. [eng.] Brande & c.

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