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Vul"gate, n. Etym: [nl. vulgata, from l. vulgatus usual, common, p. P. of vulgare to make general, or common, fr. vulgus the multitude: Cf. F. vulgate. See vulgar, a.]

Defn: an ancient Latin version of the Scripture, and the only version which the Roman Church admits to be authentic; -- so called from its common use in the Latin church.

Note: the Vulgate was made by Jerome at the close of the 4th century. The Old Testament he translated mostly from the Hebrew and Chaldaic, and the New Testament he revised from an older Latin version. The Douay version, so called, is an English translation from the Vulgate. See Douay Bible.

Vul"gate, a.

Defn: of or pertaining to the Vulgate, or the old Latin version of the Scriptures.

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