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Subpages introduce some hierarchical organization into page names, with levels of the hierarchy separated by slashes '/'.

Slashes within a page name

Slashes (/) within a page name break the page into parent and subpages, recursively, eg:

Example page
Example page/Some sub-page
Example page/Some sub-page/Some sub-sub-page

A link back to parent will automatically appear at the top of each subpage. In the case of sub-sub-pages, a set of breadcrumb navigation links will automatically be presented. Note that these links do not appear, however, if the parent page has not yet been created.

Using (and over-using) sub pages

There are various uses for the subpage mechanism. The main two intended uses are:

People instinctively think hierarchically when trying to organize information, so it may be tempting to use subpages all the time. However, subpages can be over-used. Remember that having a page name with a slash will generally make the name longer, harder to remember, and thus more difficult to link to. Some people find it more elegant to keep page naming simple. By sticking to a flat naming structure, with a manually maintained web of page links, a structure will emerge organically (and this can include a pseudo-hierarchy)

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