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Mass Etiquette

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Here are some practical tips for teaching chidren the correct way to behave at Mass.

These tips are for general preparation and can be done for days in advance:

-Prepare all clothing and put it on a hanger or lay it out on a dresser (including undergarments, shoes, socks, belts, ties, and other accessories.) Some parents put smaller items in plastic bags and hang them on the hanger with the other clothes.
-Prepare a special Mass bag with special quiet items that will help the child think of God. Among the items may be coloring books and crayons (if the child is able to draw in only the book and not on pews or other books at church), children's books about God and the Saints, a rosary (which should always be kept out of the mouth), holy cards in a photograph album, a feather (to remind them of Angels and to follow the words in the prayerbook, missal, or hymnal), a prayer book with many beautiful pictures that will help keep them focused and explain the parts of the Mass in pictures. {See also: for a free, personalized, editable prayer book that explains the parts of the Mass in beautiful pictures derived from stained glass windows and art work in churches throughout the world. Your child's / children's pictures can replace the pictures of the children in the books, so that it becomes their personal prayerbook with them showing the proper way to sit, stand, kneel, put their hands together while praying, bowing during the Nicene Creed, etc. Pictures of your church's appropriate artwork can replace the artwork from other churches. Pictures of members of your family and friends, living and deceased, can be added at either Prayers of the Faithful or during the Eucharistic Prayer. If there is something your family is praying about such as finding a new home or job, the healing of someone you know, peace in the world, etc., pictures may be added to give a visual reminder and keep the prayer time during Mass more focused. Pictures for the First and Second Readings, Responsorial Psalm, and Gospel may also be added to aid in visualizing what the Reading / Psalm / Gospel is about. After the personalized prayer book is made, matching pictures can be glued on to postable note papers with a sticky back and can be made into another little book and then used as a matching picture game with each picture on the sticky backed note paper being able to be put over the other picture in the prayerbook.}

These tips are for before Mass:

These are tips for during Mass:

These are tips for after Mass:

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