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Mill"stone`, n.

Defn: One of two circular stones used for grinding grain or other substance. No man shall take the nether or the upper millstone to pledge. Deut. xxiv. 6.

Note: The cellular siliceous rock called buhrstone is usually employed for millstones; also, some kinds of lava, as that Niedermendig, or other firm rock with rough texture. The surface of a millstone has usually a series of radial grooves in which the powdered material collects. Millstone girt (Geol.), a hard and coarse, gritty sandstone, dividing the Carboniferous from the Subcarboniferous strata. See Farewell rock, under Farewell, a., and Chart of Geology.

-- To see into, or through, a millstone, to see into or through a

difficult matter. (Colloq.)

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