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There are many breeds of domestic swine, as well as wild boars.

A mother pig is called a sow. A baby pig is called a piglet. A male pig is called a boar. A sow can give birth to 8-12 piglets at a time. Some pigs have curly tails and some have straight tails. Some pigs are used to find truffles, a rare mushroom, because their sense of smell is so good. Some pigs can be trained to do tricks like dogs can be trained.

Boar, n. Etym: [OE. bar, bor, bore, AS. bar; akin to OHG. p, MHG. b, G. bär, boar (but not bär bear), and perh. Russ. borov' boar.] (Zoöl.)

Defn: The uncastrated male of swine; specifically, the wild hog.

Pig, n.

Defn: a piggin. [written also pigg.]

Pig, n. Etym: [cf. D. big, bigge, lg. bigge, also dan. pige girl, sw.
Piga, icel. pika.]

1. The young of swine, male or female; also, any swine; a hog.
"two pigges in a poke." Chaucer.

2. (zoöl.)

Defn: any wild species of the genus sus and related genera.

3. Etym: [cf. Sow a channel for melted iron.]

Defn: an oblong mass of cast iron, lead, or other metal. See mine pig, under mine.

4. One who is hoggish; a greedy person. [low] masked pig. (zoöl.) See under masked.
-- pig bed (founding), the bed of sand in which the iron from a smelting furnace is cast into pigs.
-- pig iron, cast iron in pigs, or oblong blocks or bars, as it comes from the smelting furnace. See pig, 4.
-- pig yoke (naut.), a nickname for a quadrant or sextant.
-- a pig in a poke (that is, bag), a blind bargain; something bought or bargained for, without the quality or the value being known. [colloq.]

Pig, v. t. & i. [imp. & p. p. Pigged; p. pr. & vb. n. Pigging.]

1. To bring forth (pigs); to bring forth in the manner of pigs; to farrow.

2. To huddle or lie together like pigs, in one bed.

Swine, n.sing. & pl. Etym: [oe. swin, as. swin; akin to ofries. & os.
Swin, d. zwijn, g. schwein, ohg. swin, icel. svin, sw. svin, dan.
Sviin, goth. swein; originally a diminutive corresponding to e. sow.
See sow, n.] (zoöl.)

Defn: any animal of the hog kind, especially one of the domestical species. Swine secrete a large amount of subcutaneous fat, which, when extracted, is known as lard. The male is specifically called boar, the female, sow, and the young, pig. See hog. "a great herd of swine." Mark v. 11.
Swine grass (bot.), knotgrass (polygonum aviculare); -- so called because eaten by swine.
-- swine oat (bot.), a kind of oat sometimes grown for swine.
-- swine's cress (bot.), a species of cress of the genus senebiera (s. Coronopus).
-- swine's head, a dolt; a blockhead. [obs.] Chaucer.
-- swine thistle (bot.), the sow thistle.

In other languages, the word for pig is:
Kapampangan: babi
Indonesian: babi
Sebuano: baboy
Tagalog: baboy
Chamorro: babui - balaku (pig-boar-male)

gobbles up
hobbles out

Domestic Swine

Breed Origin
American Landrace Hog United States
American Yorkshire Hog England, United States
Angeln Saddleback Hog Denmark/Germany
Arapawa Island Pig New Zealand
Bantu Pig Africa
Ba Xuyen Hog Vietnam
Bazna Hog Romania
Beijing Black Hog China
Belarus Black Pied Hog Belarus
Belgian Landrace Hog Belgium
Bentheim Black Pied Hog Germany
Berkshire Hog England
Black Slavonian Hog Slavonia
British Landrace Hog England
British Lop Hog England
Bulgarian White Hog Bulrgaria
Cantonese Hog China
Chester White Hog United States
Czech Improved White Hog Czech Republic
Danish Landrace Hog Denmark
Dermantsi Pied Hog Bulgaria
Duroc Hog United States
Dutch Landrace Hog Holland
Fengjing Pig China
Finnish Landrace Hog Finaland
French Landrace Hog France
German Landrace Hog Germany
Gloucestershire Old Spots Hog England
Guinea Hog Africa
Hampshire Hog United States, England
Hereford Hog United States
Hezuo Pig China
Iberian Hog Spain
Italian Landrace Hog Italy
Jinhua Pig China
Kele Hog China
Krskopolje Hog Slovenia
Kunekune Hog New Zealand
Lacombe Hog Canada
Large Black Hog England
Large Black-White Hog China
Large White Hog England
Lithuanian Native Hog Lithuania
Mangalitsa Hog Austria-Hungary
Meishan Pig China
Middle White Hog England
Minzhu Pig China
Mong Cai Pig Vietnam
Mukota Hog Zimbabwe
Mora Romagnola Hog Italy
Moura Hog Brazil
Mulefoot Hog United States
Neijiang Pig China
Ningxiang Pig China
Norwegian Landrace Hog Norway
Ossabaw Island Hog United States, Spain
Oxford Sandy and Black Hog England
Philippine Native Hog Philippines
Pietrain Hog Belgium
Poland China Hog United States
Red Wattle Hog United States, Australia
Saddleback Hog England
Spots Hog United States
Swabian-Hall Hog Germany
Swedish Landrace Hog Sweden
Tamworth Hog England
Thuoc Nhieu Pig Vietnam
Tibetan Pig China
Turopolje Hog Croatia
Vietnamese Potbelly Pig Vietnam
Welsh Hog Wales
Wuzhishan Pig China

Wild Boars

---excerpt from the Illustrated Bible Dictionary

Swine - (Heb. hazir ), regarded as the most unclean and the most abhorred of all animals (Leviticus 11:7; Isaiah 65:4; Isaiah 66:3, Isaiah 66:17; Luke 15:15, Luke 15:16). A herd of swine were drowned in the Sea of Galilee (Luke 8:32, Luke 8:33). Spoken of figuratively in Matthew 7:6 (see Proverbs 11:22). It is frequently mentioned as a wild animal, and is evidently the wild boar (Arab. khanzir ), which is common among the marshes of the Jordan valley (Psalms 80:13).


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