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Did you know?

Unlike other elements and compounds which shrink as they get colder, water (H20) expands as it gets colder. Here are some examples of how it affects you:
  • The ice in your beverages will float to the top rather than sink to the bottom.
  • You can walk on a frozen lake in the winter because the ice is on top of the liquid water.
  • If water shrank as it got colder, ice would sink to the bottom of lakes and oceans, which would kill underwater plants and bring about the demise of most fish.
    Fun Fact: Galileo once entered a debate with another scientist about the expansion and contraction of water due to temperature. The other scientist claimed that the ice was heavier than water but was held afloat because of its width which would supposedly prevent it from sinking. Galileo challenged the scientist to come to a public display to try pushing the ice under the water to see if it came up again. The scientist failed to come on the appointed day.
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